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Land Of The Free
land of the free
Kai is back on the vocals!!! The Land of the Free album is one of the most powerful metal albums in the world. From the first tune to the last it´s packed with the best songs in metal history. All I can say is: BUY IT!!!!!!!
1.Rebellion In Dreamland     8:43
2.Man On A Mission               5:57
3.Fairytale                                0:46
4.All Of The Damned             5:00
5.Rising Of The Damned       0:45
6.Gods Of Deliverance          5:00
7.Farewell                                5:12
8.Salvation´s Calling              4:35
9.Land Of The Free                4:41
10.The Saviour                       0:40
11.Abyss Of The Void            5:59
12.Time To Break Free           4:36
13.The Afterlife                       4:43