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Insanity and Genius
insainity and genious
The Band´s third album, and their third lineup. The band
rookies are Jan Rubach and Tomas Nack, ex:Anesthesia.
This album is much better than the last one, a lot thanx to Tribue To The Past, No Return and Last Before The Storm...
1.Tribue To The Past      3:04
2.No Return                    4:04
3.Last Before The Storm 4:29
4.The Cave Principle      6:51
5.Future Madhouse        4:07
6.Gamma Ray                 5:20
7.Insanity and Genius    4:28
8.18 Years                       5:23
9.Your Turn Is Over        3:52
10.Heal Me                      7:31
11.Brothers                      5:13
12.Heroes                         ?:??