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NEWS 08/12/99 :2 new bass tabs added.
And The Story Ends
Another Holy War
 A Past And Future Secret
 A Past And Future Secret 2
 Banish From Sanctuary
Bard´s Song - in the forest 1
Bard´s song - in the forest 2
Bard´s song - in the forest 3
Bard´s song - in the forest 4
Bard´s Song - the hobbit
Battalions Of Fear
Black Chamber
Blood Tears
Born In a Mourning Hall
Bright Eyes
By The Gates Of Moria
Imaginations From The Other Side
Into The Storm
 Lord Of The Rings 1
 Lord Of The Rings 2
 Lord Of The Rings 3
 Lost In The Twilight Hall
Mirror Mirror
Mordred's Song
Nightfall 2
Out On The Water
Quest For Tanelorn
Quest For Tanelorn 2
Run For The Night
Run For The Night (Live)
Somewhere Far Beyond
Surfing U.S.A
The Last candle
The Martyr
The Minstrel
The Wizard
Time Stand Still (at the Iron Hill)
Time What Is Time
Time What Is Time - BASS
To France
 Traveller In Time
 Trial By The Archon
Valhalla - BASS
Welcome To Dying
 Wizard's Crown
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