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Nightfall IN Midde-Earth
A GREAT album, they've changed style completely, but mostly it sounds like "Imaginations"with Hansi's screamy voice and the guitar sound. One of the original things are the small track who are completing the story (these are written with italic style).The best songs are A Dark passage, Mirror Mirror, Noldor and When Sorrows Sang. It's definitely worth to buy...
1.war of wrath
2.Into The Storm
5.the minstrel
6.The Curse Of Feanor
8.Blood Tears
9.Mirror Mirror
10.face the truth
12.battle of sudden flame
13.Time Stands Still (at the iron hill)
14.the dark elf
16.The Eldar
17.nom the wise
18.When Sorrow Sang
19.out of the water
20.the steadfast
21.A Dark Passage chapter (thus ends...)
Year of Release:1998
Produced by: Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian:
Hansi Kürch: lead & backing vocals
André Olbrich: lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars
Marcus Siepen: rhythm guitars
Thomas Stauch: drums & percussion
The Choir Company:
Billy King · Rolf Köhler · Thomas Hackmann · Olaf Senkbell
Guest Musicians:
Oliver Holzwarth: bass guitars & fretless bass
Mathias Wiesner: keyboards & orchestral effects
Michael Schüren: grand piano
Max Zelzner: flutes & alto-flute
Based on the story The Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkien
This album is dedicated to J.R.R Tolkien