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EMP is Blind Guardian's official merchandiser. Call or write to them
if you would like to have a catalogue, it's totally FREE and I can definitely
recommend it. Here is the list of Blind Guardian articles from the latest catalogue:

Shirts t-shirts are DM-29.99/each and Longsleeves DM-39.99:
Nightfall In Middle Earth  TS-(M,L,XL)  LS-(L,XL) Black
Mönch   TS-(M,L,XL)  LS-(L,XL) Black
Warrior   TS-(M,L,XL)  LS-(L,XL)  Navy Blue
Morgoth   TS-(L,XL)  LS-(L,XL)  Black
Orkbattle   TS-(L,XL)  LS-(L,XL)  Black
Soccer Tricot  TS-(XL)  white
Hooded shirts  DM-59.99:
Nightfall In Middle Earth  HS-(L,XL)  Black
Warrior  HS-(L,XL)  Navy Blue
Dragons  Thong/Pin  DM-9.99
Silmarillion  Thong/Pin  DM-9.99
A Past And Future Secret-blue  flag DM-14.99
A Past And Future Secret  poster  DM-9.99
Nightfall In Middle Earth  poster  DM-9.99
+a sticker and a car-sticker.
EMP merchandising
Postfach  17 21
49803 Lingen
Phone: +49 (0)591 91 43 10
FAX: +49 (0)591 91 43 20